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Hey! My name's Mirrann but you can call me Mirry, I'm a white cis queer girl (she/her) who loves fictional characters a lot.

I'm in like a billion fandoms but currently I post mostly Welcome to Night Vale, Teen Wolf, Marvel, and In the Flesh. I'd really love it if I got asks so message me anytime! especially if you want to talk about the above things. I post spoilers and nsfw sometimes ask me if you want anything tagged and i'll do so! ~Nothing is mine, Unless specifically stated otherwise~

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this lipstick is literally the color of blood and I need it

::clicks link, stares enraptured::

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#THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE SEEN TODAY #IS A SORTING POST THAT PUT THESE TWO IN GRYFFINDOR AND HUFFLEPUFF (FUCKING. HUFFLEPUFF) RESPECTIVELY #if you don’t think ALL of these kids are slytherins #these two ESPECIALLY #you are watching the show wrong #look at them #the two quietest; most righteous; most MORAL of the group #performing the SHIT out of their alibi. like nothing is even wrong #contrasting with connor and mikaela who are falling the fuck apart #this is what the show is trying to say - that there is the person you want to be #the person you try to be; strive to be #and then the person you are inside #the one that shows up in terror and horrific situations and takes over #to make sure you survive #and for wealthy well to do kids like connor they never have to tap into that #so when it happens they freak the fuck out #but not these two. their eyes are wide open #lie about the coin flip; construct an alibi #do whatever they have to in order to survive #smh at anyone who thinks wes is some confused cute innocent kid tbh #in the flashforwards he’s not even desperate - he’s CALCULATING 

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I’m wearing lavender scented nail polish and watching  a NCIS marathon I’m living the DREAM


I just want one show where someone can say “I’m bi” instead of having to defend themselves as “not gay” lol is that too much to ask

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trans women are beautiful goddesses

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okay but don’t get me wrong I love How To Get Away with Murder it’s super cool, but I’m still gonna call it out wen it does shitty stuff i.e. biphobia, doesn’t mean I don’t like the show, I totally do.


even shows with great representation like how to get away with murder and orange is the new black refuse to acknowledge bisexuality and it’s fucking infuriating, if a character is shown to have had a past relationship with someone of the same gender or another gender they always have to reinforce and prove their heterosexuality or homosexuality to their new partner as means of a fucking character arc and it makes no sense. 

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Ugh I’m pretty grossed out by how HTGAWM is having this girl flip out about her fiance sleeping with another guy a million years ago like OH MY GOD ARE YOU GAY I’M SO BETRAYED like what the fuck??? why can we not say ‘Bisexual’???? it’s 2014 and we still have to do the whole ‘It was a stupid thing a long time ago! It meant nothing! I’m not gay!’ Like fucking say the word bisexual. It won’t bite. HTGAWM isn’t the first show to refuse to acknowledge it but jeez I’m so tired of this.


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It’s October! You guys know what that means right?

You guys probably think you know what this is, but you really don’t. Watch it, you won’t regret it.


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